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Tina Lambros (Lambros) Anagnos
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Educator Married 3
I was president of JACMA in the Blue Ribbon District 13 back in the early 70's and attended the 1970 Supreme Convention in Athens as well as the one in LA in 1971. Although a northsider, I made a lot of Chicago South Side friends in Athens! What a blast! Send Tina Lambros a MessageSend Tina Lambros a Message
Dino Argyropoulos
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Retired Teacher-Librarian Married 1
Man, those were wild and fun times! How so many of us made it out alive is a profound mystery. I cherish all the moments I shared with my friends, brothers and sisters, during those golden years. Stin iyia mas!
George Asimakopoulos
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Mariann (Zurales) Asimakopoulos
Court Reporter Supervisor Married 2
PDG Maids of Athena
Alexis (Paspalas) Bante
retired Married 2
Looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up. Send Alexis a MessageSend Alexis a Message
Tom Berchos
Retired Married 4
Historical factoid:
July 5th Hospitality room marks the 51st aniversity to the date and time I met my future wife, Mary Kochalis,at the Hospitality room at the District Convention at the Ohare Marriot. Peter Economos was there. The whole world changed.
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Nick bobis
Widowed 3
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Janet (Kalant) Carlson
realtor Widowed 2
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Tony Dahlgren
IT Release and Deployment Analyst Married
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Emily Deam
Real Estate Committed Relationship
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